Welcome to Neat Freak McKinney! I’m so happy you stopped by. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Lisa, and I grew up in beautiful Idaho, the oldest of seven children. My mom is also a neat freak. She had to be in order to stay sane in a house with nine people. I learned early on that work always came before play. It was one of the best things my parents ever taught me.

I’ve always loved taking care of, decorating, and organizing my own home. When my daughter left for college in 2006, I was heartbroken. Our life as we knew it was forever changed. In my sadness, my sweet friends all encouraged me to start my own business using my gifts for home organization.

It was then that Neat Freak was born. I had business cards printed and a business plan in place. But God had other plans. My husband was transferred to Denver. We left our beloved Flower Mound and went on a five year journey exploring beautiful Colorado. I shelved my neat freak dreams and went to work in the school district that our son was attending school in. I worked in several differently abled classrooms. What a blessing that was.

In 2012, after grand babies were being born in Texas, we decided to move back. Our family was more important to us than those glorious mountains.

After moving to McKinney, I started teaching in a local preschool, Redeemer Day School, just minutes from my home. I love teaching, I love children, I love that my grandchildren attend the same school, and I love the ministry I have there. But something inside of me was encouraging me to start Neat Freak up again.

I decided to wait until summer to give it my full attention, and in June 2017, Neat Freak McKinney was born. I woke up one day and said “let’s do this”.  Social media has drastically changed since 2006, and in just days I had my first clients. I cannot tell you the rewards that have already come my way in just this short time.

I can’t wait for the rest of the story……

Love, Lisa

PS We now have eight grand babies! God is Good!